Mindfulness Exercise N° 3


Last week we spotted the first regional strawberries in the shop. Crazy isn’t it?

Even crazier that they were actually incredibly tasty and aromatic.

There were exactly six of them in that little cardboard basket. Not enough to fill one’ s stomach.

The expression, coined in my family by my grandma, “eat with sense” was more appropriate here.

Had mindfulness been en vogue at that time, she might even had said “eat with mindfulness”.

What that means?

Being aware of every bite. Being grateful to eat something so delicious. Not to devour, but to savour.

Give it a try.

Choose a berry (or other similar sized piece of fruit) and spend 5 minutes eating it.

5 minutes sounds far too long and exhausting? Set an alarm clock, let the time be and devote yourself to the task at hand:

Explore the fruit as if you could smell, see, touch, taste it for the first time.

What do you perceive that you have never noticed about this berry variety before?

Take a close look at the colour and the surface structure. What details do you notice?

Is the fruit easy to bruise?

What does the berry feel like when you touch it with your fingers? What does it feel like with the tongue?

How does the fruit smell when it is intact?

How does it smell when you bit off a piece?

Does it look different on the inside?

Can you detect the structure of individual cells?

Feel the bite line with your tongue. Can you feel the little seeds on your tongue and between your teeth?

How does the berry taste?

Do you taste different components depending on whether you perceive the taste with the tip of your tongue or with the entire tongue?

Have fun with this sensual exercise!

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