Working Through Fears

A life lived in fear is a life not being lived fully.  Living in fear results in many restrictions, unused opportunities and above all hardly any growth. Because if we never attempt the unknown, how can new experiences, new knowledge, new acquaintances and adventures come into our lives?

Sometimes we wish our fears would leave us be and in peace. However, we thereby dismiss the important role that our fears play in a fulfilled life. Confused?  Good.

Let’s start by debunking the myth that happy and successful people know no fear.

Fear has accompanied mammals for about 300 million years. At this time in evolution, the first mammals emerged and with them the part of our brain responsible for triggering emotions and social behaviour: the limbic system. This system was a coup of evolution. Through the limbic system mammals were able to make their behaviour more flexible. Their behavior had previously been largely characterized by reflexes. But now, it was becoming more complex.

And more successful: For example, if one of our distant ancestors met a predator unprepared, they felt fear and tried to avoid this situation in the future. This way they survived longer and could produce more offspring.

What does this excursion into evolutionary biology teach us?

That fear is something that all mammals feel, correspondingly all humans * and you are not alone in feeling it. And that fear is something that has ensured our survival for millions of years. Even today, the queasy feeling in your stomach tells you that you shouldn’t walk down an unlit alleyway in a twilight district at night.

Nevertheless, sometimes fear seems to rule our lives. And in such moments, fear does not help us survive but keeps us from living. This course is designed to help you become aware of your fears, what they want to tell you and how you can accept them and lead the life you desire in spite of, or better, together with your anxieties.

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Course topics

  1. What fears are restricting my life? How would I like to deal with them?
  2. Where do my fears come from? Are there valid reasons for my insecurities?
  3. How do I approach unpleasant feelings like fear? How can I accept, feel and regulate my emotions?
  4. How can I manage to see beyond fear and do things despite and together with it?
  5. What can I do for myself? How can I refill my energy supplies after difficult situations?

This is merely to give you an impression. Since you and your needs are at the focus here, I will adapt the course topics individually to you.
In all courses (intensive, medium, short) similar topics will be addressed and, depending on the depth of the course, will be worked on with appropriate intensity.


Booking options

Through fear - Short

  • Three weeks
  • Once per week
  • 50-minute online appointments
  • Individually created practices for the time between sessions


Through fear - Medium

  • Three weeks
  • Twice per week
  • 50-minute online appointments
  • Individually created practices for the time between sessions


Through fear - Intensive

  • Six weeks
  • Twice per week
  • 50-minute online appointments
  • Individually created practices for the time between sessions


How to book

To book a course, please use the contact form and send me a message telling me of your interest.  I will then get in touch with you and make an appointment for a first, half-hour conversation.This appointment is intended to get to know each other and as a consultation, after which you can make an informed decision about which course to book.