Mindfulness Exercise N° 1


Right now it is getting noticeably warmer outside and I love to stick my nose into all the flowers I can find on walks. Some blossoms smell so strong, I can smell them from far away. Some so weak, it is more a smell of green freshness I notice.

This mindfulness exercise is best done outside, in the first warming rays of the sun, but you will also find some pleasant and perhaps surprising smells in your own four walls:

Try to find as many scents as you can within half an hour. You do not have to write them down, just count them.

The fabric softener, a deep purple crocus, grass trampled underfoot, your cuddly pet, a clear creek. Everything has its very own smell and thus contributes to the wealth of perceptions in our colourful, fragrant world. By becoming aware of these smells, you are fully present to your perception, grounded and centered.

Enjoy this first mindfulness exercise!

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