Understanding My Energetics

I recommend this course especially if you already have a certain routine in manifesting and a basic belief in a higher power. This higher power for me personally is the Universe – you might call it fate, God or love.

You can create incredible things in interaction with this higher power. Reach your goals more easily. Design your life according to your wishes. Even bring material things into your life on your terms.

I personally use the manifestation practice recommended by Lacy Phillips:

According to her, we manifest primarily through our unconscious self-worth. This means that thinking positively and visualizing your dreams every day unfortunately does not help you as long as you unconsciously assume that you are not worthy enough to know the things you want to manifest to be yours. This in turn means you have to confront the beliefs you have been raised by or taught, examine them and replace them with new, more fulfilling ones. Unfortunately, this process of substitution does not work with immediate effect. After all, the neural networks that store these assumptions are very old, usually as old as we are. Changing them requires patience and many repetitions until you get into the habit of acting and thinking according your new belief system.

Lacy Phillips’ program, which I can recommend, uses a kind of hypnotherapy to speed up this process. My guided meditations (soon available on InsightTimer) can be used for similar purposes. In addition to meditation, free writing and other creative activities as well as movement helps to train the flexibility of your brain cells.

In this course, we will examine your manifestation practice to date, provide guidance in recognizing recurring patterns in your life, and help you classify the signs of the universe.

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Course Content

  1. Which things, people, situations have I already manifested? Perhaps even without having done so consciously?
  2. What leads to success for me personally? How does manifesting feel for me?
  3. How do I recognize tests, expanders and other signs of the universe? What do these terms mean?
  4. What other uncertainties do I have? To what extent do I still not fully trust in myself and the Universe?
  5. How can I create more trust? How do I strengthen my intuition?

This is merely to give you an impression. Since you and your needs are at the focus here, I will adapt the course topics individually to you.

 If you would like to book this course despite lacking previous knowledge, I recommend that you decide on the Intensive option. The shorter offers are explicitly designed for people who already have experience in manifesting.
In all courses (intensive, medium, short) similar topics will be addressed and, depending on the depth of the course, will be worked on with appropriate intensity.

Booking Option

Energetics - Short

  • Three weeks
  • Once per week
  • 50-minute online appointments
  • Individually created practices for the time between sessions


Energetics - Medium

  • Three weeks
  • Twice per week
  • 50-minute online appointments
  • Individually created practices for the time between sessions


Energetics - Intensive

  • Six weeks
  • Twice per week
  • 50-minute online appointments
  • Individually created practices for the time between sessions


How To Book

To book a course, please use the contact form and send me a message telling me of your interest.  I will then get in touch with you and make an appointment for a first, half-hour conversation.This appointment is intended to get to know each other and as a consultation, after which you can make an informed decision about which course to book.